Forty and Fat to Fit

I woke up one day (maybe several days actually) in my forties and while looking in the mirror, I realised that body parts have been in some serious competition to see which can get the furthest away from my body. Throw in crappy health and I had to make some lifestyle changes.  This is me and my journey to getting fit and healthy!

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I am baaaaaack!

Guess what?  I have finally dragged my hiney back to the gym this week! Okay, so that pic might be a bit too excited as I am now in pain and may be crying by the end of the week!  Pain or no, I am feeling great for restarting my exercise routine.  You no what? … Continue reading I am baaaaaack!

Running on Empty

The past few weeks have seen me running totally on…… I took a short break from exercising because not only was I just feeling totally knackered, my asthma has been playing silly buggers with my breathing.  Now I am fighting myself to get back into the swing of things.  Cho man!! I feel like I am … Continue reading Running on Empty

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