Running on Empty

The past few weeks have seen me running totally on……


I took a short break from exercising because not only was I just feeling totally knackered, my asthma has been playing silly buggers with my breathing.  Now I am fighting myself to get back into the swing of things.  Cho man!! I feel like I am losing the fight too. Boohoo……

The problem? Not exercising means the weight is slowly creeping its way back on the bum and tum! ……and that competition was going so well too.  Now? Now I have to, not really start from scratch but, start again from where I currently am!  Can you imagine my mood?  Well you don’t have to……….

I am not entirely in a bad place with the weight gain, I am just not where I hoped I would be at this stage.  Don’t worry, next week I’ll add some sunshine.

One would think I would still be running on a high after the half-marathon.  Meh…… That run seems so far away now.  Not only that but, I have a 10K coming up on May 29th!  You might just find me in a corner rocking!  I am not prepared at all.  I really do not like the feeling of starting over.  CRAPOLA!!!

I am not sure why I am finding it so hard to get back into the swing of things with the gym.  I NEED the exercise.  I know this.  BUTTTT…… me getting up at 4 am has not been doing it for me at all.  Can someone come and roll me out of bed in the mornings for about a week?  That’s all I need to get back into workout mind frame.  Seriously! That. Is. All. I. Need!

Okay. Okay.  Sooooooo, I am going to pretend I am Rocky Balboa over the weekend.  That might work in getting me on the right mental track.  Oh, oh….maybe Million Dollar Baby? What do you think?


Yup.  I am laughing at myself too!

Seriously though, I find myself in a rut, a slump if you will and I am finding it harder to find a reason for this little phase.  This is definitely affecting my target!  I think I may need to move the goal post, sadly.

Maybe, I should see where I am in at the end of May, right?  Hmmmm.  Maybe.  Not giving up though.  I just need to push through this last bit. My inner 6-pack is still waiting to be discovered!

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