Aaaaaaaand Another Go!

Hello lovely people.  I know.  It has been forever and a day since I last posted anything.  In that time, I started kickboxing and on day one had the biggest belly flop ever and then hurt my foot.  I continued to mash up the foot some more in the gym.  I started looking like a blimp and generally just eating rubbish.

In that time, I have also stopped and restarted the gym.  Have another health kick.  Now I am hell bent on losing the blimp look.  So “she” says.

How sad is it that I am now attempting to cut sugar out of my diet for the umpteenth  time?  Seriously….why am I finding it so hard?  I seem to have the willpower for most everything else. Giving up sugar? Not so much.  Each time I attempt to give up sugar, this is me on day 3. Yup, you read that correctly……DAY 3!


I have threatened myself.  Slap myself around the head.  Give myself pep talks.  Tell myself off. I know I am sounding a tad cray cray for not only beating myself up but for having numerous conversations with myself……  But, you know what I discovered?  When it comes to sugar……


Okay, maybe not discovered, but you know what I mean.  Sugar is my Achilles Heel.  My best friend and my worst enemy.  The must have when that time of the month comes around.  My comfort……hum, maybe I should start listing the negatives and I may have chance, right? Woweeee.

Sugar is E.V.I.L.  Sugar is E.V.I.L.  Sugar is E.V.I.L.  NOPE!!  Not working! A million more times and probably it will sink.

I am back to the butt and gut competition.  When the blimp look appeared, everything grew! Oh man….literally everything grew. So, the competition is back in full force.  Which one will win?

Watch this space.

Happy almost British summer!

2 thoughts on “Aaaaaaaand Another Go!

  1. I’m trying to be off sugar too. Did about a week and then had an ice cream! Then had another one. Main thing though is to just not get discouraged and keep on going (and avoid that Nutella jar!)


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