I am baaaaaack!

Guess what?  I have finally dragged my hiney back to the gym this week!


Okay, so that pic might be a bit too excited as I am now in pain and may be crying by the end of the week!  Pain or no, I am feeling great for restarting my exercise routine.  You no what? No matter how many time I find myself restarting exercise after a break, it still amazes me how quickly you can get out of shape!  Crikey, it is as hard as hell to get back to where I was a couple of months ago.  Time……time is definitely needed here.

I may get into an exercise rut in the future, who knows, but….today? Today I feel bloody good.  Oh and I need to get back on my healthy eating regime too.  This is taking a little more time to do, but I can honestly say that when I exercise I am more inclined to want to put healthier food in this bodaaaaay (she says after having a large Hot Chocolate)!  I am not exactly eating terribly this week and should still lose some pounds, but will get back on my diet regime from next Monday.  You know the one that sees me losing the weight?  Yup that one.  The only difference will be me making sure I have a more balanced approach so that I am not craving things I decide to drastically cut out. Thinking about my friend Sugar?  Don’t worry, I am too.

Well…… Since I took such a long break, me and target will have to move.  My last blog was optimistically holding out hope that I could still meet my target weight by the end of May.  Who was I fooling exactly?  Just little old me, myself and I!  I think I definitely need to give myself a solid 12 weeks to get this done.  Right?  Well, I am going to say “hell to the yes!”

So much for my itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini for the summer. Hmmmmm……. I am definitely not there yet.  I am still going to be strutting my stuff come summer though, just fully clothed!


Yup……that will be me when the coats have to be shown to the back of the wardrobe. Hah!  I do crack myself up……

It is back to business.  Yeah me!

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