Hello all, my name is Karen, just in case you were wondering.  This blog is all about me and my journey to becoming fit and healthy after hitting the big 40 and realising that my behind and tummy need their own post code.  I knew I was no longer the slim athletic woman I use to be in my twenties or even early twenties.  However, denial is a fabulous thing when you don’t want to think or do anything about it.  Clothes don’t fit anymore, so I just bought bigger sizes or try to squeeze into the ones I have.

I woke up one morning, look in the mirror and thought, CRIKEY! Everything just seem so large!

In April this year, I attempted Tough Mudder with friends and even though I finished, I was so damn slow!


Just look how chunky I am!  Add in being ill for quite for a while and the depression sets is.  I had to make some drastic changes.  I literally woke up one morning and thought, “right, it was time to kick my own behind to get a move on,”

So my journey started!

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