Four Years Later…..and?

Wow! I cannot think of a better word to start this post.

I am not sure what made me visited WordPress today. I have not been on this site for the longest while. However, on looking back on my various posts, I realised that I uploaded my first one in September 2016. Can you imagine? Crikey the saying ‘Time waits for no man or woman’ is so true.

The most amazing but disappointing thing ever is that I am still fighting the good fat fight! I am actually heavier now than I was then. Four years! It has been four damn years! What the hell happened?

Well, life did. I went through a lot in the past four years and the one constant thing I, actually, believe I can control is food. I eat it for comfort when I am down. I eat to celebrate. I eat when I am bored and I eat when I am not. So, basically, I have a rather unhealthy attachment to food. Not even the veggie kind. Nope. Me? It is fried chicken, cake (lots of cake) and chocolate (even when I suffered with my lactose intolerance).

I am still in my forties, just about, and I would hate to review my posts in another four years and find myself saying the same flipping thing. Then, I might just roll and in a ball and stay.

Change is inevitable. To succeed in anything, one must adapt. However, when it comes to changing my mental link to food and health, I can honestly say, it is one change I am struggling to make.

Am I ready to make this change? You better believe I am? Sitting here on my sofa with my very expanded lock down backside, I am not happy. I don’t like that nothing fits. If I had to go anywhere right now, I would have to squeeze myself into the stretchiest pieces of clothing I own. I do not want to be that person!

So, here I am restarting my journey. Making a commitment to me; a promise; a contract to myself to be kind and loving to me. To put my health and wellbeing first. To look after myself both physically and mentally. To eat healthily and treat my body as the temple that it is.

Saturday 01 August 2020 marks the first day towards a healthier me.

Welp, that is it for now.