Eating with friends

I am spending the weekend with my friends, Rav and Stelios with their lovely kiddies, Athen and Lukas. This weekend reminds me that I need to keep my friends close. Friends form my little network of family I formed in the UK and after my summer from hell, I am feeling great today. I only have a very small number of my blood family in the UK with most still in the land of wood and water – Jamaica – and few in other parts of the world.

Rav is a fantastic cook and, talk about using healthy products!  Jeesh. We had a late lunch yesterday – 2 different types of lasagne (vegetarian and meat). Yummmmm……. Of course there a salad too. 😄

I spent the day reading books, playing Jenga and just literally running around. By the end of the night I was delightfully knackered. I have discovered I am not as fit as I would like to think. Running around after 2 kids under ten? Yup….. I have some work to do.

Dinner was a nice chicken broth. Food! Food! Food!

Breakfast this morning is a soft boiled egg, bacon, baked beans and toast. I haven’t had such a rich full brekky in ages. Again….. Yummmmm! 😊

All in all a wonderful weekend catching up with friends, getting my fill of my niece and nephew, watching Gladiator and eating yumscious food!

What will this weekend means for the butt/belly competition? The scale will tell.

When to eat after a workout

There is this really friendly but talkative girl in the gym who just out of the blue on Tuesday asked me what I normally eat after my workout. To be honest, I don’t normally eat until I am in the office. I said as much and she looked totally horrified! “How can you wait that long? Don’t you know you should eat within 15 mins of working out or your body will start eating your muscles?” she asks…..

I never, actually, thought about it. I am a creature of habit and right now I have my little routine down pat. I prepare my breakfast and lunch the night before, get up at the ungodly hour of 4am the next day, go to the gym, then make my way to work. I then eat my breakfast once I am comfortbly settled at my desk.

So, I did some research yesterday and found so many different views of when one should eat after a workout. The one that, I suppose, I will take on board is this – If your main goal is to build muscle, eat at least 30 grams of protein and 30-35 grams of carbs within 15 mins of your workout. If you are trying to stay in shape or shed a few pounds, you can take your time and eat within 45 mins or an hour after your workout. I think I am up to 1 hr 30 mins, so may need to adjust slightly. Oh the joys of the fitness world! 

Any oooh! On another note, remember me talking about snacking at work? My Director, Paula, read my blog and brought me this tiny tin that measures out a serving size of almonds! 😆

I did not even know such things exist! Just to show how much I am yet to learn. A serving of almond is 1 ounce (23 almonds). Sometimes I do eat way to many, so this is brilliant! Thank you Paula. 😊

I wonder if they do something similar for cashews? I could eat cashews for days!

I end on this note. I have another weigh-in later today. I’ll update you in the morrows.

Snacking at work

Oh my days! Do you know how hard it is not to eat like there is no tomorrow when there are such delicious (totally wrong for my diet) snacks in the office? Our team is great with bringing goodies back from wherever our travels take us – me including. Trust me, we definitely do not bring back dried fruits and nuts! Nope, it is usually chocolate, biscuits (at the moment with Disney characters on the actual biscuits) rum cake, fudge and such the like.

I feel like hiding under my desk and weeping! 😭.  Good news? I went to Whole Foods yesterday and picked up some snacks. I have a whole tub of almonds on my desk…. 

I did buy some great dairy free yoghurts and deserts too (even if I will not buy the coffee dairy free organic coconut yoghurt from Rebel Kitchen again – just yuck). Finding the right snacks are always a challenge for the dieter – well for me anyway. I am so use to buying chocolate or mini cheddars (hence the butt and gutt competition) that eating almonds is just not the same. 

C’Est la Vie! No moaning from me. 

Eat and sleep and the weekend

Happy Sunday everyone! The sun is out! It is still flipping cold outside though. I know, I have been out to take a pic for my blog after making breakfast.

Today, I feel rested, even if I woke up quite a lot last night – sadly, such a regular occurence. I do always find sleeping a bit of a challenge and never get enough. What I wouldn’t give to get 8 hrs of undisturbed sleep! My FitBit tells me that I slept for 6 hrs and 42 mins (I know it is not exact science at work here). Guess what? I fell asleep at 22:16 hrs and woke at 07:59 hrs (24 hr clock at work 😊) which should have meant over 9 hrs of sleep. Nine hours sleep would be such a dream….. Nope, I kept waking up! I stayed in bed, though, instead of doing what I normally do…. getting up and watching TV or even vacuuming (mad right?)

I do, also, find it really difficult to be good with my food on weekends. I am home more so I pick more and, most definitely, eat more. Oh man, it is so easy to jump in the car and go get anything I feel like eating….. even profiteroles (love chocolate covered, cream filled profiteroles)! 

This Sunday? I am going to be extra good. So far, I have made myself a “not so boring” breakfast of scrambled eggs with a large tomato and a small avocado. Yummmm…. 

I do not have any unhealthy snacks or food indoors. So, I really just need to eat what is in the house and ignore the fact that I have access to a car!  Now to think up a healthy lunch and dinner (lots of groaning going on here). Soooooo much cooking! 

It will be a lazy one today. My poor body has had a hard week and my right knee is being a pain in the katoosh. I need to give it a little break before the gym tomorrow. My lovely new sofa will be hugging my butt quite a lot today after I tidy up and iron for the week. 😆

Oooh yes! I have an online piano lesson to do too. How excitig….

Have a fab Sunday! I know I will. 

80% Diet

You know what I am realising? Hmmm…. maybe not realising but accepting, your diet truly is the most important thing when trying to lose weight. I know you will probably give me a big Homer (for the Simpson’s fan) “Doh” but I am finding it is not always easy to make the best diet choices. 

Exercise for me is not necessarily easy but adapted to quickly once I start. Food? I love food and I am a total emotional eater too! I eat if I am bored. I eat if I am feeling crap. I eat if I am over the moon. I just eat (hence the big competition between my behind and belly).

Last week I worked my hiney off in the gym and out of it. Once I commit to exercising, I really do give it a good go (well, when I am not trying to cough up my lungs) and could sometimes totally overdo it (I know…..not always good).

The thing is, for most people trying to lose weight, a 4lbs loss over 2 weeks is quite acceptable and to be honest, also what is usually recommended (2lbs per week). For me? I want to see bigger losses “Bigges Loser style.” Lofty dreams! 😄

Sooooooo…… I have made a decision. Drink more water and eat less (no starving though, I love to eat way too much). Also, follow good examples. Others have done this. I can do this. Just so you know, the water bottle on my desk is huge (2.2 litres)! 😆

Oh yes, I  am also going to try some of the recipes in Clean Hungry over the weekend. I have never seen so many ways to make the simple oats porridge!

I’ll update you more next week on my weightloss progress. 

Boring Breakfast

I am sooooooo very bored with breakfast at the moment.  I either have eggs (boiled or scrambled – never fried), porridge or ,my new thing, Weetabix (the banana flavour). No colour, no excitement and, to be honest, my taste buds are totally finding my breakfast choices utterly boring.

Enter a caption

I am sure wanting to hit my target does not mean that I now have to be on a bland quest as well, right?  So, I really need to find some more exciting things to eat after working myself senseless in the gym every weekday morning.  I need some breakfast’spiration…. (me making up words).

Come to think of it, my friend Anne-Marie (social butterfly that she is), introduced me to the joys of Pinterest last night.  I am sure I can find some fantastic breakfast ideas on this App.  The thing is, I need some quick but delicious options and of course, if I need to cook the dang thing, I need to be able to prepare it the night before.  After all, I get up at the ungodly hour of 4 am to be able to get to the gym for 6 am weekday mornings.

Anyway, let me not bore you with my gripe about my bland breakfasts.  I can make other choices to add some colour to my mornings.

So, the dreaded weigh-in is tomorrow.  I am really not looking forward to it at all.  I did not weigh in last week, so I have 2 weeks to have shed a good chunk of fat!  Wish me luck and watch this space.

Will I be telling you I have lost some weight or will I be curled up under my desk hiding from shame?

Diwali Sweets

I have such lovely neighbours. One helped with the removal and disposal of my old sofa and today, another brought me sweets. My Hindu neighbours from Mauritius are celebrating Diwali today. 

I was just here sitting in my comfy new sofa watching reruns of the Harry Potter films when my door bell rang! There stood my neighbour and his two, very cute, boys with a box of home made sweets in hand. What to do? What to do?

I have hidden them in my cupboard! 😆 I am not so sure how long they will remain untouched though. Crikey!! I am in the middle of my “giving up sugar” run. 😣 Such lovely treats to eat….. Must resist temptation!

I can do this, right? Come on will power, do not fail me now!! I think I am going to have to give the lovely sweets away. I really cannot keep temptation in the house. Must. Not. Eat. Sugar! 

Unusual day


Yesterday I was meant to be reporting on my weight loss for the week after setting myself a target of a 4 lbs loss.  Did I go for my weigh-in?  Sadly, no.  Here is how my day went.

Woke up at 4 am to still make my 6 am gym session in Central London (so very painful with my mornings now rather dark).  My early morning journeys consist of a bus and a Tube journey followed by a nice little walk. After the gym, I had to go home to accept the delivery of a new sofa.  Unfortunately, once the sofa reaches your local store, they will not keep it (messed up my day – dang it). I am sure this is probably not your taste, but here is my new sofa (incredibly comfortable).  I will need to drag myself upstairs to bed rather than getting back into the habit of falling asleep in front of the TV (really bad habit of mine).

I then left home at 12:30 to travel back into Central London. Our team had a meeting with one of our caterers, Food Show.  As typical, there were delays on my train service (so frustrating but not surprising) but as I left so early I did make it on time. I met up with my team in the office and off we went (tackling yet another journey one the Tube).

Our time at Food Show?  Hmmmmmmm (I am sitting here thinking about the delicious food we had).  OMG (See? I am down with the lingo) is all I need to say! I really want to put a pic of all the dishes we ate, but I thought the lobster would be a perfect image.

Anyway, as I have not reported what my weight loss is this week, I need to be reporting a 8 lbs loss next week.  It shall be done!

Oh, I almost forgot.  The walking weekends are still going strong.  I, actually, included a 3 mile run on Sunday.  The walk from the station on the way home has started and this morning, I walked from the gym to work. There is no stopping the madness!


My very many cookbooks

If you are anything like me, you will have a lot of cookbooks in the house and never, actually, use them. I, clearly, remember 3 years ago when I decided I was going to “go” vegetarian. I went out and bought a great vegetarian cookbook which went directly on the pile of books already in my kitchen. It turns out I was just not ready to give up meat (still not today).

Fast forward 3 years and I am now busy using, what is now, my favourite food book. I regularly consult my Pure Kitchen book for ideas since I finally gave up dairy (had to stop punishing myself even if I love a good tub of Hagen Daz). 

I recently bought Lean in 15 (not sure I could actually listen to the videos for a long period of time, so bought the book instead) but have yet to try out a new recipe. 

The Pure Kitchen was a perfect gift (thank you Alison). I did not realise how many options I had before giving up milk and needing to find alternatives.You know what? I should really be shopping in Whole Foods but cannot fathom having to drive all the way into Central London for me weekly grocery shop. So I find what I can in local supermarkets. 

I made a good find a couple of days ago – Cashew Milk! This is totally divine on my Wheetabix (another thing I have started having in quest to get healthy).

As I have to change the way I eat to achieve my goal, I reckon the cookbooks will be coming out more often!  

Notes to Strangers

I have completely ripped off my blog title, but I cannot think of a better tittle to use – this one is perfect.  Lunch today was with friends and I had a yumscious lamb shank pie (a lamb shank was literally poking out of my pie)! Nothing like eating delicious food and having a good natter. I will definitely be going back to The Blue Posts.

On the way back to work, I saw a poster that caught my attention.  I found out that notes were being regularly placed in the Metro.  Not having read the Metro for a quite a while (my head is usually stuck in the Kindle), I have been missing out on the ‘Notes to Strangers.’

I am now following this Instagram account. Who knows, I may just find some inspiration to continue with my extensive exercise regime.  I love how I feel when I finish exercising, but I must admit that I do struggle to get out of bed some mornings. With winter now on the way and the clock set to go back an hour this weekend, it is going to be even darker at 4 am.

Am I feeling sorry for myself at the moment? Totally.