Head in the Game

I woke up this morning determined to get my head back in the game on the diet front.  At weigh-in yesterday, I lost 2 of the 4lbs gained during my “not so little” 2 week (now running into 4 weeks) food splurge.  Putting myself in a food coma was such a bad idea. Don’t get me wrong, the food was damn good going down and my taste buds were very happy. The hips, however?  They don’t lie!  The hips cousins (butt and gutt)? They also join in on the fun with all the honesty they are banding about.

The happy food coma

Let me tell you…… it is not easy getting back on track. I think I need to keep reminding myself of my target date ( May 31, 2017). I was so confident that I could just get back into it without any problems.  Boy was I wrong.  The last 2 weeks have been a bit of a challenge.  I was constantly picking and have been eating way too late.

This morning?  This morning I woke up with renewed resolve to get my head back in the game. I am immensely proud of how far I have come so far but if I intend to make my target (and yes…. I certainly intend), then I need to get back to eating the right foods.  If only exercise alone could be it, I would have an a-star!  Nope, food plays the biggest role in this journey of mine.



Yup.  I most certainly do.  I will get to the end of May looking all fly and strutting my stuff in summer clothes!  A friend, who is also on her very own journey, has promised me she will be strutting her stuff in a hot pants this summer!  You know who you are (imagine the wink wink and smirk here). No hot pants for me, but I can’t wait to get rid of all my loose all back clothes of yesteryear (not so far in the distant past).

Here’s to a great weekend and week ahead.


After taking a break

I must admit that I am not finding it as easy as I thought I would to get back into eating healthily.  My May target is looming and I am slacking.  I am now really thankful that I had at least continued with keeping up with my exercise schedule.

Lets see.  I gained 4 lbs (1.81437 kgs) in the 2 weeks my brother was visiting (and have probably gained a few more pounds since).  Since Steve left, I haven’t been much better. To be fair, I have not done too badly with the food I have been eating, well not counting the copious amount of snacking.  Guess what? I have also been having a rather bad binge on chocolate!  Every month, it’s like my brain switches and I forget the reason I am craving sweets.  Seriously, what the hell?  You would think that after 2o’odd years of this I would know by now.  Sadly, It seems not.


Any ooooh…..  I think I need a good kick up the hiney to get my mind back on track.  The DESIRE to get to my target is still there.  The NEED to be healthier is still there. The WILL to do this has not died.  But, cho man, the mind is stuck in snack mode. I am totally struggling to get back into the groove of things with my food.  Maybe having no money until pay day will help!

In saying all of this, I will give myself a right slap upside the head on Thursday if I have not at least shifted a pound or two of the weight gained during my break.

Okay, so woe is me, right?


Boohoo, you would say.  This would be a perfectly good reaction this week. After all, I did and am still doing this to myself.  I seriously think my brain has a chocolate mode which is currently jammed…..broken…..in a constant state of ‘gimme gimme’.   Honest!


Okay, so no more moaning about self-inflicted weight gains.  I will be back to my usual positive self next time.

Holiday eating

So my friends, it has been a while since I last took to the screens and update you on my progress.  You see, my lovely brother – Steve – was here visiting the UK for the past 2 weeks.  Being my brother’s first time in the UK, I took 2 weeks off as leave to lime and show him the beautiful sights of London. Over those 2 weeks my diet went for a long run off a steep cliff.  Soooooo not a great idea in hindsight.  C’est la vie…. “They” say. Not sure I can start worrying about it now.

Oh God, I ate……and ate…and ate!  When I say ate, I mean I chowed down on all and sundry.  To be honest, I ate so much most evening I feel like I was going to pop (I so should have stopped when my stomach cried).  I ate in places (can you believe I actually just wrote eated?!…… Clearly still in a food coma!) I never thought of, like this little fish place in Brixton called Little Ochi Seafood Restaurant.  I had the biggest fish ever…….

On our theatre night, my brother and I  went to this really lovely restaurant located at the Bloomsbury Hotel close to Tottenham Court Road – Dalloway Terrace.  The food was delicious and the decor was amazing (in my humble opinion).

We had hot dogs from street vendors, where Steve got bombarded with pigeons. Lunch in this pub on Baker Street – Globe – where I promptly got food poisoning!  I have to tell you that my throne and I were really good friends for an entire night into the next day (not good)……

…….massive burgers from Five Guys, oysters (I only had one – just yuck) and champers from Harrods among other unhealthy food.  To top it all off, it has been literally years since I ate so many Jamaican dishes.  From my aunt to my father, they were all cooking left and right.  As you may notice, I was not doing any of the cooking for the past 2 weeks.  Result for me!  Lots of food with none of the work.  We did other fun things not involving food.  PROMISE!  We did all the touristy crap around London.

Today is weigh-in day.  I am totally dreading going on the scale.  I can just imagine the damage I have done.  I would not change having my brother here for the world, so it is now back to business as usual.  TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK!  I have been telling myself I will restart tomorrow (you know that cycle) for the past couple of days (on boy) – tomorrow is still waiting to come.  So, here goes…… final decision!  After I have seen the damaged caused today, I am sure that will be a big enough kick up where the sun does not shine to get my head back in the game.

Making conscious choices

I always bang on about my struggles with food (sugar and dairy in particular) because I am a greedy so and so and, it seems, a sucker for punishment!  I am now in a resolute frame of mind to do whatever is necessary to get to my end goal and stop whinging about my tummy when I have milk (I know I should not) or that I have lost no weight when I binge on sugar laden food.  Honestly, I am even boring myself to death so I can just imagine what my friends think even if they are waaaaaaaay to kind to tell me to shut the hell up and get on with it! I do have a few friends who are not too shy though. 😆 Gotta love ’em.

I have been trying new healthy delicious options this week (I know…..the week has just started but I am just saying)!  Yesterday for lunch I had black bean spaghetti with grilled salmon for lunch.  The spaghetti was surprisingly delicious and oh so filling!

My snack of choice today is pumpkin seed.  Holland and Barrett is now going to become my new favourite shop even if they give me a discount voucher I cannot use for ages yet (seriously, who does that?)!  As I see it?  H&B is my cheaper option to Whole Foods. 😊

A couple of days ago I had one of those healthy bars for my snack only for Chris (evil trainer in the house) to send me the nutritional content for the bars and, oh boy, it had a lot of sugar in it!  These damn ‘wolf in sheep clothing’ foods!

I have to say I am becoming more conscious of the food I now select to eat.  About time too!  It is still hard but, I am working on being more disciplined with food.  If I can be so determined with exercise, I can definitely get my focus on with my diet. The next challenge, when I am more disciplined with what passes these lips, will be portion control.  I am eating healthier but way, way, way too much!  I know it is possible to cut down on quantity while eating healthier, but I have so much on my plate at the moment that with this, I have decided to take it one day at a time!

Okay…. enough about food. I have not given you an update the booty/belly competition in ages.  The competition is seriously hotting up (only I could try and make this an exciting topic even if is soooooooooo totally not).  Hmmmmmm, thinking….. thinking…… thinking…….. I think the tummy might be leading on the inches lost so far.  My booty is just not going anywhere.  No complaints here, mind you……. I am going to be grateful for what my Mama gave me and work off what food gave me!

Slow going

Do you know how good it feels when I lose weight on a weigh-in day?  Flipping great!  At this week’s weigh-in it was only 1 lbs, but it was a loss so I am not complaining and most certainly celebrating (even if the loss may have been because I am having a poorly tummy rather than being strict with my diet).  I am being a big child at the moment as I am sticking my tongue out at you mentally! No judging….. 😝

Things have slowed down a bit on the weight loss front.  This is all on me.  I have not been terribly good since Christmas.

Any ooooh, my exercise is still going strong.  Although, because I have not been feeling well, the sessions have been a bit lacklustre.  I probably should have just stayed in bed.  This morning session was not too bad though.  Chris had me cracking up for the entire time so that I didn’t think about the fact that I was feeling totally crapola! He was also there taking photos like my very own personal paparazzi.

Half of the session today was a weights so that I was not running around for fear of me having to run somewhere else entirely in the middle of the session (think funny tummy)!

One of the weight set this morning was 15 reps of dead lifts and 10 reps of squat and press!  I did 3 sets and then died on the floor.

Can you see the pain?

I was there trying to grunt quietly.  I totally did not want to become one of those loud grunting people in the gym.  You know the ones?  The ones who want you to believe they are working out more than anyone else in the gym?  Hmmm hmmm.  Yup. One of those…. So, there I was quietly grunting away through the reps.

Looks like I am about to….you know…

Waaaaay more grunting here.  Chris was there dying with laughter, evil man.  At least, I did not embarrass myself by letting out any “wind.”  Too funny!  😂

Hanging on for dear life

After my session today, I just wanted to crawl back into bed.  But, my bed is sooooooo far away!  I know this, honest I do……I seriously need to stay in bed when I feel poorly.  I know! I know!  No moaning when this is all self-inflicted (hush up Karen – just no!)

Another go at….No Sugar! No Dairy!

I cannot tell you how many times I have attempted to give up sugar and dairy. While giving up dairy is to look after my poor abused tummy, giving up sugar is more of a, “I want to achieve my weight loss target and not having sugar will help” kind of thing.  The health benefits of giving up both?  I am sure will be epic!

The Evil One……. SUGAR

I grew up on sweet things.  Whether it be because of loads of fresh  ripe on the tree fruits (mangoes, pineapples, bananas, etc) or my granny’s condensed milk sweetened porridge, I developed a sweet tooth from childhood.  Throw in the easy access to loads of really good yummylicious chocolate since moving to the UK and I am surprised my teeth are not all falling out!  So from now on…. I am dubbing sugar The EVIL ONE!

The Evil One

I am thinking that I need to stop linking eating chocolate and other sugar related thingy bobbies to my “I am feeling sorry for myself moments.” Okay, so let me just get this one in – All delicious things have sugar in it!! Breathe out! Cleanse my mind and now start thinking about having lots and lots and lots of blueberries! Yeah me!!  Sooooooooo not being sarcastic here. Promise!

The Destroyer of Tummy

I have had an intolerance to dairy for as long as I can remember.  It started off mild (at least that’s what I am telling myself to justify eating milk chocolate) but now I think my tolerance level has flown the coop and I am being affected, not only for longer but rather more quickly after eating any dairy products.  I have been suffering for a few days now, so I definitely need to be kinder to my tummy.  Remember my chocolate coma day over the holidays? heh hem…..  In addition to giving up the Evil One, I am finally taking my intolerance at heart and giving up all things dairy (please tell me eggs are not included!).  Honestly, where does egg sit in the food chart or rather the triangular thingie meh bob?

Tummy Destroyer

I have been told that it takes 21 days to break a habit.  The problem here?  I kept thinking about the length of 21 days and never made it past 5 days!  So new rule… Taking it one day at a time.  Day 1 on the way!

Here goes.  Wish me luck.  I need it!

My birthday and food

Oh God!  I have been eating since Saturday!  This is the longest birthday celebration ever. I was taken out to lunch at Jamie’s Italian by my friend Sabrina and then to see the musical The Book of Mormon!  Lunch was oxtail lasagna followed by some fancy cheese cake (hmm hmm I hear you say?).  I know, more dairy. I clearly need to learn to love my tummy more.  The Book of Mormon was hilarious!  Cringing in parts, but hilarious as all get out!

Today?  Well, today is my actual birthday.  I went to lunch/brunch with my lovely friends and colleagues at Timmy Green.  I have never seen or had black bread before, so new delights for my taste buds.  Lunch was fantastic!  A lot of protein with avocado and bread (don’t mention the bread)!  P.L.E.A.S.E!!

Oh dear, the staff at the Timmy Green found out that it was my birthday and brought out warm banana bread with fruits and mascarpone. So much food!

I am going to have to work doubly hard in the gym tomorrow as there is a weigh-in on Thursday!  I need to lose whatever I gained over Christmas.  …….aaaaand I have more food to come on Saturday as my father is taking me out for dinner.

I have received some lovely presents!  Loving them all.  Yeah Me (clappy hands! clappy hands! clappy hands!)


Just don’t do it Karen

When you think about eating rubbish, just don’t do it.  Honestly, WALK AWAY!  Actually, I should probably just follow my own advice.  WALK AWAY Karen.  WALK AWAY!!

I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday after my holiday weight gain so decided to have a blow-out night and a blow out night I did have.  I had a couple Jamaican patties, a couple of sausages and then had 2 (not 1 like any normal person), nope… me (greedy cow)?  I had 2 chocolate puddings!!  Gaaaaaaaah…….. I thoroughly enjoyed myself too. Yum!

Well, the joy only lasted last night!  This morning, my body rebelled.  I am still burping away like crazy and I am having a rather funny tummy too.  Serve me right!  My poor body has become accustomed to having nutritious food and not the crap I indulged in last night. I suffered all the way through my personal training session this morning and Chris, the evil man that he is, punished me like mad!

Breakfast this morning was boiled eggs.  Today is a “be kind to the tummy” day…….

 …….. and, I  have a punnet of grapes on my desk to munch on throughout the day.  Lesson well learnt, I say.  Lesson well learnt. No more crap.

So guess what?  I discovered today that I am a total Numpty! I have introduced a protein shake into my diet after each workout session but did I think about the fact that Whey was dairy?  Of course not…that would be way too sensible. I have spent more than a week wondering why my tummy aches and voilà!!…….  Chris asked me this morning how my stomach was coping with the whey protein shake and I look at him as if he was mad until he explained why he asked.  I am flipping lactose intolerant and should not be having dairy products.  See?  NUMPTY!!  Awwh well, unto finding a protein shake that will not have me suffering. Come on Karen, be sensible in 2017!  Be kind to the tums! Be kind to yourself.

Oooooooh, I have forgotten to give you an update about tummy/butt competition.  The tummy is king of winning at the moment.  My booty is just not going down. Take that as a win, right?


…aaaaand, it is after Christmas

This morning I was dreading my weigh-in!  I knew I gained weight over the holiday week, the question was how much?  I was determined to go for my weigh-in though as I did not want to start the year hiding from whatever choices I made over Christmas. Remember the chocolate coma day? Well, I remember it well.

By the way, that box of Lindt Lindor is totally finished. The rest are still in the house and will now be going into hiding. 😆 Can’t be sabotaging myself now, can I?

As I stepped onto the scale, I did so with much trepidation  (nails biting here).  I did not want to see how much I gained.

Sooooooooooooo (wah, wah, wah, boohoo) 😭😭, I have, as I thought I did, gained some pounds during the holiday week, after all.  It was totally expected, but….. cho man, I really wanted to be surprised with at least a pound loss.  Okay. Okay. Okay. It is time to shake it off and get my head back in the game. Drum rolllllll! I gained 2 1/2 lbs (1.1 kg).  Should I just say 1.1 kg?  That seems less somehow. I know it is no less, but let me think it is, okay?

Onward to my PAT (Personal Achievement Target)! 44 lbs to go!! Totally watch this space.

I have  no doubt that I can make my target weight. It will be hard and it will take some serious discipline, but I CAN DO THIS!!

I discovered today that I can no longer have any ready made soup even if they sell themselves as healthy. I had a Cully & Cully Chicken & Vegetable soup, which is apparently gluten free, and the dang thing has all of 10 syns! Yikes….. Here is the little culprit.

Anyway, I am having one of those days today where I just want to eat.  I have been snacking on dried fruits (cranberries and cherries).  Not sure if I should be eating these and I really should check out how many syns they are.  But……… I am a tad scared to check as I just want to have my munchies.

Well, it is ‘back on track’ time……. hum….tomorrow after my munchies day today.


Final stretch

2016 is over. New Year! New Target!  I must say that last year (I can actually say last year, can you imagine?) was an interesting one.  I completed Tough Mudder (rather slowly and  spent a lot of the time trying to catch my breath).  It was, acutally, seeing a photo of myself during Tough Mudder that made me realise how big I had gotten.

I then had a rough summer period where I just felt crap all the damn time.  Here comes the decision to go on a weight loss journey and actually tell the world about it (mad woman that I am).  I am proud to say that I am on the other side of all the crapiness and I have so far lost all of 25 lbs on my journey to a healthier, happier me.  Not sure how much of the weight I gained back over the holiday season and January 5th is only a short few days away!  Wish me luck!

I just plain ate too much and, although, I had plans to allow myself a break on Christmas Day to eat and just relax a bit, the out of this world eating ended up being on more than just Christmas Day.  I was at my aunt last night and the spread she put on was unbelievable!  I did have a wonderful evening though and went to bed waaaaaaaaay too late.

Sooooo much food!

Now, it is back to business!  The great news is that I did exercise most days over the week long break.  I am hoping that the exercise has helped to keep the weight down a tad, even with all the eating.

Sooooooo, I am on the final leg of my weight loss journey.  Although, this leg is going to be a bit longer as I have the rest of the weight to lose.  Also, I hear that it becomes harder to lose weight the closer one gets to one’s target.

I now have 45 lbs to lose and I am setting the target date for end of May 2017.  Saying that, I have a couple of weeks in January when I may not get the chance to exercise as my brother will be visiting the UK for the first time and we will be going everywhere and visiting a lot of restaurants along the way!  I know he will probably be cooking a lot of Jamaican food while he is in town too. HELP!!  Just imagine the jerk chicken, jerk pork, oxtail and bean, escovitch fish and loads of rice & peas! Again…….HELP!! I will do my best to be a good ‘not so’ little girl and not eat too much over those 2 weeks.

Okay all, I will keep you posted on my progress througout the first half of 2017!