Two Stone Mark

As Chris (evil trainer) would say….BOOOOOM!! ūüĎäI have reached the 2-stone weight loss mark. Massive pat on the back here. ¬†I am so incredibly pleased to have reached my first milestone. ¬†Two (2) Stones…… That’s 28 lbs (12.7 kg) of fat off my body. ¬†You may never understand how I feel, but I have to say that I feel flipping fantastic. ¬†Yeah me!

Progress so far

Starting Weight:  14 st 2.5 lbs (198.5 lbs / 90 kg)

Current Weight:  12 st (168 lbs / 76.2 kg)

Weight loss to date:  2 st 3 lbs (31 lbs / 14.1 kg)

Just think….I have lost the blob below x28!


My next interim weight target is 11 st 7 lbs (161 lbs / 73 kg). ¬†This just basically means I have to keep doing what I am doing now, even if a bit of wrench was thrown in the mix today at my hospital appointment. ¬†I have been given 3 months of steroid tablets to take before my long term treatment starts in May. ¬†“What is the challenge?” you asked. ¬†I tend to put weight on when on these steroid tablets (good old prednisolone). ¬†I am going to have to be so dang strict with myself in the coming months. I am really not sure how to feel about that yet. ¬†Usually, I allow myself to relax on my food on weekends or when I go out eating with friends. ¬†How do I¬†still lose weight while taking these tablets? ¬†There is always a way.

I will still be working hard to build muscle mass while losing weight too ūüí™. ¬†This is another thing. ¬†Muscles weigh far more than fat, even if muscles¬†looks smaller in size. ¬†Did you know you can basically find an image of anything on the internet? ¬†Of course you did………


Look at the difference in size! ¬†Great thing about muscles on your body though? ¬†You just look waaaaaaay better. ¬†Full stop…..period……yada yada…. ¬†You know what I mean.

You know what? I can’t wait to wear all that clothes in my wardrobe I had refused to throw out in hopes of fitting in them one day. ¬†Well, one day will be soon! ¬†Lots of strutting my stuff to come.

On to my next target!!  Will keep you posted.

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