Food Dream or Nigtmare

Dear God… Today, help me to be a good girl and not eat any chocolate or cheese or sweets or just about any food that will not help me on my journey.  You would never guess what? Over the weekend, I had a dream that my meal was nothing but fried batter.  Just FRIED BATTER!!  In my dream I was there searching for syrup or honey to cover the dang things. Seriously, if I am going to dream about food why could it not have been about cake or deep fried chicken or better yet a big tub of ice cream (even if I am not meant to eat any diary products).  Nope, my dream was about fried batter.  What a saddo…….

Just imagine there are no mushrooms covered here

Anyway, I declare that this week is going to be a great food week.  I had soft boil eggs with a slice of toast this morning for breakfast and I am planning to have a fruit lunch day.  My lamb chops are already marinating in the fridge at home for dinner tonight.

I will also be keeping on top of my exercise.  Although, I think I might have aggravated an old shoulder injury.  I could barely lift my arm on Sunday.  I am still in a bit of pain today, so no gym this morning.  I needed to rest the shoulder for my swimming lessons later tonight.  I seriously need to get a physio session in though.  I can’t be slacking on the exercise.wp-1487582588515.png

It has been a while since l last update you on the tums/butt competition.  To be honest, I think the butt is in the lead.  I still have a one pack!  I have faith that the 6 pack is just taking cover for the moment and will emerge any day now.  Right?  The lower abs?  Crikey, it is just round…… and the battle goes on.  Honestly?


Here is to a great week.  I STILL GOT THIS! I STILL GOT THIS! I STILL GOT THIS! Do you think if I tell myself this often enough, I will believe?  Yes.  I still got this. 

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