After taking a break

I must admit that I am not finding it as easy as I thought I would to get back into eating healthily.  My May target is looming and I am slacking.  I am now really thankful that I had at least continued with keeping up with my exercise schedule.

Lets see.  I gained 4 lbs (1.81437 kgs) in the 2 weeks my brother was visiting (and have probably gained a few more pounds since).  Since Steve left, I haven’t been much better. To be fair, I have not done too badly with the food I have been eating, well not counting the copious amount of snacking.  Guess what? I have also been having a rather bad binge on chocolate!  Every month, it’s like my brain switches and I forget the reason I am craving sweets.  Seriously, what the hell?  You would think that after 2o’odd years of this I would know by now.  Sadly, It seems not.


Any ooooh…..  I think I need a good kick up the hiney to get my mind back on track.  The DESIRE to get to my target is still there.  The NEED to be healthier is still there. The WILL to do this has not died.  But, cho man, the mind is stuck in snack mode. I am totally struggling to get back into the groove of things with my food.  Maybe having no money until pay day will help!

In saying all of this, I will give myself a right slap upside the head on Thursday if I have not at least shifted a pound or two of the weight gained during my break.

Okay, so woe is me, right?


Boohoo, you would say.  This would be a perfectly good reaction this week. After all, I did and am still doing this to myself.  I seriously think my brain has a chocolate mode which is currently jammed…..broken… a constant state of ‘gimme gimme’.   Honest!


Okay, so no more moaning about self-inflicted weight gains.  I will be back to my usual positive self next time.

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