Holiday eating

So my friends, it has been a while since I last took to the screens and update you on my progress.  You see, my lovely brother – Steve – was here visiting the UK for the past 2 weeks.  Being my brother’s first time in the UK, I took 2 weeks off as leave to lime and show him the beautiful sights of London. Over those 2 weeks my diet went for a long run off a steep cliff.  Soooooo not a great idea in hindsight.  C’est la vie…. “They” say. Not sure I can start worrying about it now.

Oh God, I ate……and ate…and ate!  When I say ate, I mean I chowed down on all and sundry.  To be honest, I ate so much most evening I feel like I was going to pop (I so should have stopped when my stomach cried).  I ate in places (can you believe I actually just wrote eated?!…… Clearly still in a food coma!) I never thought of, like this little fish place in Brixton called Little Ochi Seafood Restaurant.  I had the biggest fish ever…….

On our theatre night, my brother and I  went to this really lovely restaurant located at the Bloomsbury Hotel close to Tottenham Court Road – Dalloway Terrace.  The food was delicious and the decor was amazing (in my humble opinion).

We had hot dogs from street vendors, where Steve got bombarded with pigeons. Lunch in this pub on Baker Street – Globe – where I promptly got food poisoning!  I have to tell you that my throne and I were really good friends for an entire night into the next day (not good)……

…….massive burgers from Five Guys, oysters (I only had one – just yuck) and champers from Harrods among other unhealthy food.  To top it all off, it has been literally years since I ate so many Jamaican dishes.  From my aunt to my father, they were all cooking left and right.  As you may notice, I was not doing any of the cooking for the past 2 weeks.  Result for me!  Lots of food with none of the work.  We did other fun things not involving food.  PROMISE!  We did all the touristy crap around London.

Today is weigh-in day.  I am totally dreading going on the scale.  I can just imagine the damage I have done.  I would not change having my brother here for the world, so it is now back to business as usual.  TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK!  I have been telling myself I will restart tomorrow (you know that cycle) for the past couple of days (on boy) – tomorrow is still waiting to come.  So, here goes…… final decision!  After I have seen the damaged caused today, I am sure that will be a big enough kick up where the sun does not shine to get my head back in the game.

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