Making conscious choices

I always bang on about my struggles with food (sugar and dairy in particular) because I am a greedy so and so and, it seems, a sucker for punishment!  I am now in a resolute frame of mind to do whatever is necessary to get to my end goal and stop whinging about my tummy when I have milk (I know I should not) or that I have lost no weight when I binge on sugar laden food.  Honestly, I am even boring myself to death so I can just imagine what my friends think even if they are waaaaaaaay to kind to tell me to shut the hell up and get on with it! I do have a few friends who are not too shy though. 😆 Gotta love ’em.

I have been trying new healthy delicious options this week (I know…..the week has just started but I am just saying)!  Yesterday for lunch I had black bean spaghetti with grilled salmon for lunch.  The spaghetti was surprisingly delicious and oh so filling!

My snack of choice today is pumpkin seed.  Holland and Barrett is now going to become my new favourite shop even if they give me a discount voucher I cannot use for ages yet (seriously, who does that?)!  As I see it?  H&B is my cheaper option to Whole Foods. 😊

A couple of days ago I had one of those healthy bars for my snack only for Chris (evil trainer in the house) to send me the nutritional content for the bars and, oh boy, it had a lot of sugar in it!  These damn ‘wolf in sheep clothing’ foods!

I have to say I am becoming more conscious of the food I now select to eat.  About time too!  It is still hard but, I am working on being more disciplined with food.  If I can be so determined with exercise, I can definitely get my focus on with my diet. The next challenge, when I am more disciplined with what passes these lips, will be portion control.  I am eating healthier but way, way, way too much!  I know it is possible to cut down on quantity while eating healthier, but I have so much on my plate at the moment that with this, I have decided to take it one day at a time!

Okay…. enough about food. I have not given you an update the booty/belly competition in ages.  The competition is seriously hotting up (only I could try and make this an exciting topic even if is soooooooooo totally not).  Hmmmmmm, thinking….. thinking…… thinking…….. I think the tummy might be leading on the inches lost so far.  My booty is just not going anywhere.  No complaints here, mind you……. I am going to be grateful for what my Mama gave me and work off what food gave me!

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