Slow going

Do you know how good it feels when I lose weight on a weigh-in day?  Flipping great!  At this week’s weigh-in it was only 1 lbs, but it was a loss so I am not complaining and most certainly celebrating (even if the loss may have been because I am having a poorly tummy rather than being strict with my diet).  I am being a big child at the moment as I am sticking my tongue out at you mentally! No judging….. šŸ˜

Things have slowed down a bit on the weight loss front.  This is all on me.  I have not been terribly good since Christmas.

Any ooooh, my exercise is still going strong.  Although, because I have not been feeling well, the sessions have been a bit lacklustre.  I probably should have just stayed in bed.  This morning session was not too bad though.  Chris had me cracking up for the entire time so that I didn’t think about the fact that I was feeling totally crapola! He was also there taking photos like my very own personal paparazzi.

Half of the session today was a weights so that I was not running around for fear of me having to run somewhere else entirely in the middle of the session (think funny tummy)!

One of the weight set this morning was 15 reps of dead lifts and 10 reps of squat and press!  I did 3 sets and then died on the floor.

Can you see the pain?

I was there trying to grunt quietly.  I totally did not want to become one of those loud grunting people in the gym.  You know the ones?  The ones who want you to believe they are working out more than anyone else in the gym?  Hmmm hmmm.  Yup. One of those…. So, there I was quietly grunting away through the reps.

Looks like I am about to….you know…

Waaaaay more grunting here.  Chris was there dying with laughter, evil man.  At least, I did not embarrass myself by letting out any “wind.”  Too funny!  šŸ˜‚

Hanging on for dear life

After my session today, I just wanted to crawl back into bed.  But, my bed is sooooooo far away!  I know this, honest I do……I seriously need to stay in bed when I feel poorly.  I know! I know!  No moaning when this is all self-inflicted (hush up Karen – just no!)

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