My birthday and food

Oh God!  I have been eating since Saturday!  This is the longest birthday celebration ever. I was taken out to lunch at Jamie’s Italian by my friend Sabrina and then to see the musical The Book of Mormon!  Lunch was oxtail lasagna followed by some fancy cheese cake (hmm hmm I hear you say?).  I know, more dairy. I clearly need to learn to love my tummy more.  The Book of Mormon was hilarious!  Cringing in parts, but hilarious as all get out!

Today?  Well, today is my actual birthday.  I went to lunch/brunch with my lovely friends and colleagues at Timmy Green.  I have never seen or had black bread before, so new delights for my taste buds.  Lunch was fantastic!  A lot of protein with avocado and bread (don’t mention the bread)!  P.L.E.A.S.E!!

Oh dear, the staff at the Timmy Green found out that it was my birthday and brought out warm banana bread with fruits and mascarpone. So much food!

I am going to have to work doubly hard in the gym tomorrow as there is a weigh-in on Thursday!  I need to lose whatever I gained over Christmas.  …….aaaaand I have more food to come on Saturday as my father is taking me out for dinner.

I have received some lovely presents!  Loving them all.  Yeah Me (clappy hands! clappy hands! clappy hands!)


2 thoughts on “My birthday and food

  1. Awwwwwww. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUGAR. I never knew…. xxxxx Hope you had a lovely day. Lunch looked amazing… I am sure that no matter what you MAY have put on you will lose easily enough. I have every faith in you. I am well and truly into the gym now. Going three times a week now as well as my other classes and boot camp on Saturdays and Sundays I weighed myself last week (GOD I WAS SHOCKED) I even shed a tear… but at least I know what I am up against and I WILL DO THIS….
    You are my inspiration and I will be thin(er)..
    I will weigh myself when it has been a month and see if I have lost a lb or hopefully two…

    Keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of your birthday celebrations.



    1. Thank you Sarah. I am almost done with the birthday eating! 😆 I have dinner with family on Saturday. All this food!

      I know you can do this. I see and hear the determination whenever we speak. Your hubby will help too!

      Good luck with your journey sugar!



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