Just don’t do it Karen

When you think about eating rubbish, just don’t do it.  Honestly, WALK AWAY!  Actually, I should probably just follow my own advice.  WALK AWAY Karen.  WALK AWAY!!

I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday after my holiday weight gain so decided to have a blow-out night and a blow out night I did have.  I had a couple Jamaican patties, a couple of sausages and then had 2 (not 1 like any normal person), nope… me (greedy cow)?  I had 2 chocolate puddings!!  Gaaaaaaaah…….. I thoroughly enjoyed myself too. Yum!

Well, the joy only lasted last night!  This morning, my body rebelled.  I am still burping away like crazy and I am having a rather funny tummy too.  Serve me right!  My poor body has become accustomed to having nutritious food and not the crap I indulged in last night. I suffered all the way through my personal training session this morning and Chris, the evil man that he is, punished me like mad!

Breakfast this morning was boiled eggs.  Today is a “be kind to the tummy” day…….

 …….. and, I  have a punnet of grapes on my desk to munch on throughout the day.  Lesson well learnt, I say.  Lesson well learnt. No more crap.

So guess what?  I discovered today that I am a total Numpty! I have introduced a protein shake into my diet after each workout session but did I think about the fact that Whey was dairy?  Of course not…that would be way too sensible. I have spent more than a week wondering why my tummy aches and voilà!!…….  Chris asked me this morning how my stomach was coping with the whey protein shake and I look at him as if he was mad until he explained why he asked.  I am flipping lactose intolerant and should not be having dairy products.  See?  NUMPTY!!  Awwh well, unto finding a protein shake that will not have me suffering. Come on Karen, be sensible in 2017!  Be kind to the tums! Be kind to yourself.

Oooooooh, I have forgotten to give you an update about tummy/butt competition.  The tummy is king of winning at the moment.  My booty is just not going down. Take that as a win, right?


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