…aaaaand, it is after Christmas

This morning I was dreading my weigh-in!  I knew I gained weight over the holiday week, the question was how much?  I was determined to go for my weigh-in though as I did not want to start the year hiding from whatever choices I made over Christmas. Remember the chocolate coma day? Well, I remember it well.

By the way, that box of Lindt Lindor is totally finished. The rest are still in the house and will now be going into hiding. 😆 Can’t be sabotaging myself now, can I?

As I stepped onto the scale, I did so with much trepidation  (nails biting here).  I did not want to see how much I gained.

Sooooooooooooo (wah, wah, wah, boohoo) 😭😭, I have, as I thought I did, gained some pounds during the holiday week, after all.  It was totally expected, but….. cho man, I really wanted to be surprised with at least a pound loss.  Okay. Okay. Okay. It is time to shake it off and get my head back in the game. Drum rolllllll! I gained 2 1/2 lbs (1.1 kg).  Should I just say 1.1 kg?  That seems less somehow. I know it is no less, but let me think it is, okay?

Onward to my PAT (Personal Achievement Target)! 44 lbs to go!! Totally watch this space.

I have  no doubt that I can make my target weight. It will be hard and it will take some serious discipline, but I CAN DO THIS!!

I discovered today that I can no longer have any ready made soup even if they sell themselves as healthy. I had a Cully & Cully Chicken & Vegetable soup, which is apparently gluten free, and the dang thing has all of 10 syns! Yikes….. Here is the little culprit.

Anyway, I am having one of those days today where I just want to eat.  I have been snacking on dried fruits (cranberries and cherries).  Not sure if I should be eating these and I really should check out how many syns they are.  But……… I am a tad scared to check as I just want to have my munchies.

Well, it is ‘back on track’ time……. hum….tomorrow after my munchies day today.


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