Final stretch

2016 is over. New Year! New Target!  I must say that last year (I can actually say last year, can you imagine?) was an interesting one.  I completed Tough Mudder (rather slowly and  spent a lot of the time trying to catch my breath).  It was, acutally, seeing a photo of myself during Tough Mudder that made me realise how big I had gotten.

I then had a rough summer period where I just felt crap all the damn time.  Here comes the decision to go on a weight loss journey and actually tell the world about it (mad woman that I am).  I am proud to say that I am on the other side of all the crapiness and I have so far lost all of 25 lbs on my journey to a healthier, happier me.  Not sure how much of the weight I gained back over the holiday season and January 5th is only a short few days away!  Wish me luck!

I just plain ate too much and, although, I had plans to allow myself a break on Christmas Day to eat and just relax a bit, the out of this world eating ended up being on more than just Christmas Day.  I was at my aunt last night and the spread she put on was unbelievable!  I did have a wonderful evening though and went to bed waaaaaaaaay too late.

Sooooo much food!

Now, it is back to business!  The great news is that I did exercise most days over the week long break.  I am hoping that the exercise has helped to keep the weight down a tad, even with all the eating.

Sooooooo, I am on the final leg of my weight loss journey.  Although, this leg is going to be a bit longer as I have the rest of the weight to lose.  Also, I hear that it becomes harder to lose weight the closer one gets to one’s target.

I now have 45 lbs to lose and I am setting the target date for end of May 2017.  Saying that, I have a couple of weeks in January when I may not get the chance to exercise as my brother will be visiting the UK for the first time and we will be going everywhere and visiting a lot of restaurants along the way!  I know he will probably be cooking a lot of Jamaican food while he is in town too. HELP!!  Just imagine the jerk chicken, jerk pork, oxtail and bean, escovitch fish and loads of rice & peas! Again…….HELP!! I will do my best to be a good ‘not so’ little girl and not eat too much over those 2 weeks.

Okay all, I will keep you posted on my progress througout the first half of 2017!

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