Feeling sorry for myself

I am totally here crashed out on my sofa feeling sorry for myself! 😢 I have got the dreaded cold. Oh man, I hate having a cold. I always, ALWAYS, end up with a chest infection. Flipping Asthma. In order to stave off having to go to the doctor where I will, undoubtedly get more antibiotics, I am taking all kinds of over the counter crap.

I am sure I am not meant to eat the Strepsils like sweeties but I just don’t want to feel like death walk over anymore. 😭

 It’s times like this that I miss my Mum the most. She would so be making me some chicken foot and pumpkin soup right about now. Jamaica is soooooo far away. Cho man! 

Ahhhh well, I am about to drag myself up to make me some lemsip with honey. Not the chicken foot soup I would like, but it’ll do.

Hopefully, I will feel a lot better tomorrow. I will be setting my final weight loss target and continuing my journey a slimmer healthier me. My weigh-in after Christmas is coming up. January 5th looms!!  I, honestly, do not think I gained any weight over the holiday break. All that’s left to see is if I lost any!

More on my plans tomorrow as I bring in 2017 full steam ahead. 

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