Perfect Prezzies…..

It’s the season of good cheer and the biggest challenge I am likely to face to date.  What to do when you go to family and friends who are preparing massive spreads of food, not only for Christmas but for the entire week?  I may just hide!  I am not sure if my usual tricks will work as I will be trying to resist not just my mind but also the various pressures to eat more!

I think I might walk around with the best Christmas card received EVER and place it next to me at each dinner table!!  The perfect motivation to keep myself in check over the holidays.  I will be saying a lot of NO’s……

Should be interesting living up to the card!

I have to admit it is going to be really hard ignoring all of the yummy food and the Jamaican Sorrel and Rum Punch (way, way, waaaaay more rum than punch) and I don’t even like alcohol! Tradition is as tradition does though. The thing is….. The rum punch is so sweet that if you are not careful you will end up totally drunk and filled with sugar. It is always fun watching family do really funny things when guards are let down. I do taunt them when they sober up.  Evil, right?  Pfft….. I don’t care – it is very entertaining to see their faces when I recall the shenanigans the next day. The good thing is I can record it all – cue the evil laugh – HAHAHAHA!!

Sadly, I don’t think I will make my 28 lbs target. I will be close, I think, but not at the target. The past 2 weeks have been slow in the weight loss department with me gaining a couple of pounds week before last. I have one more weigh in this Thursday before the holidays and then we have a tiny break.  The next weigh in will be after the holidays (Thursday 05 January).  I am totally not looking forward to standing on the scale scale during the first week of January! I’ll let you in on what my final weigh in is later this week.

Following on from my perfect Christmas card, my ‘not so’ Secret Santa got me some very fitting (get it?) gifts!

My Fit Board

Sorry, I did not add my weight and target when the pic was taken.  I have now, so will add an updated image when I get to my ultimate goal next year.

I also received a menu food planning chart!  I have gotten into planning my meals so that I eat well, so this will help a lot.


The Christmas week meal plan has now been added.  Am I dreading Christmas? Nuh huh (she says with a doubting smile). I am not dreading it at all! Really, really really.  I AM NOT! Not sure if I convinced myself yet, but I may have convinced you?  The plan is to only be naughty on Christmas Day and of course a glass of Champers on New Year’s morning.

I hope you are all planning to have a wonderful Christmas and will be bringing in 2017 in style!

Laytaz people.


2 thoughts on “Perfect Prezzies…..

  1. So…. Every time I feel myself weakening and heading for the mince pies, cream and nibbles I will stop and re read this blog…. You can do it and SO CAN I…. I just need to keep telling myself that. Once I am on that track I kinda find it relatively easy to stick to it and I’m quite strict with myself… It’s just getting started though. That’s the hardest part.

    Wish me luck and I hope and pray that I come back to work at least even 1lb lighter than when I left and not the other way round.

    Have a wonderful Christmas chick.. xx


    1. Awwwh. Thanks Sarah. You can so do it. Do you know how many times I have attempted to lose weight? I cannot count. If you are now ready, it will happen. Good luck over the holidays! I look forward to hearing about the 1lb loss on Jan 03!


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