How do I resist temptations

A friend recently asked me how I resist the very many food temptations out there and suggested I wrote a blog about it.

Before I started my journey I found any excuse to eat something crap – I am, or should I say was, a total emotional eater .  It was so easy to eat unhealthily too with having a supermarket (flipping Marks & Spencer) at both of the stations I use on a regular basis (Charing Cross and Cannon Street).  I found myself buying things I did not even eat (imagine me eating a bag of Percy Pigs on my train journey home).  When I made the decision to lose weight once and for all (I have tried numerous times before), I can honestly say that it was damn hard at the beginning to resist going into M&S and tucking into some sugary goodness.  I have not always been successful at ignoring the sugary treats at the early stages, but now I can easily walk by and not be tempted to buy anything.  Totally just mentally high-five myself.

How did I change my habits?  I literally had to change the way I think about food.  This is still a daily struggle but I am definitely getting stronger and saying no is becoming that little bit easier.

What I started doing

  1. I now prepare breakfast and lunch, either the night before or quite early in the morning, and take these with me to work.  This prevents me from going out at lunch to buy food.  The decision of what to eat?  Already made! Before preparing my own lunches, do you know how hard it was to think about what to get for lunch daily? It was such a pain sometimes. I went to Crussh so much that the staff all knew me! How sad is that?  I do sometimes still go out (when I am way to lazy to cook) but I try to chose a healthy options when I do.  Not easy at all!! 
  2. I don’t buy any unhealthy snacks when I go grocery shopping so there is nothing in the house to grab but fruits and veggies when I feel like eating. If I have the munchies (which happens more than I would like), I have to get in the car and go to the supermarket and, to be honest, I cannot be asked to go shopping.
  3. Being at home is the definitely my hardest.  If I feel like binge eating, I go for a walk and usually by the time I get home I no longer feel the need to eat.  I also keep myself super busy over the weekends.  Busy mind….less boredom, way more less time to constantly think about food.
  4. I drink lots and lots of water. LOTS!
  5. Finally, I exercise at least 6 times per week.
  6. Oh….. and I, of course, started my blog so that I am accountable to friends!


I find inspiration online, through friends and now with the results I am seeing, I really do not intend to go back to what was which means “forwards always backwards never!”


3 thoughts on “How do I resist temptations

  1. I HATE YOU…. and every ounce you lose !!!!!! Seriously though, You are truly my inspiration and I WILL get to where I want to be… Keep it up “Skinny Minny” you are doing so well. xxx


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