Bad food week

Since the weekend and the yummy chocolate bomb, I have had a really poor diet week. All my own damn fault! I know. 😭

I could have left the chocolate cake. Sam did say not to, but did I listen?   Nope. I had the cake and not only 1 slice, I had 2 slices (greedy little so and so). I could have left the mini muffin, Alison warned me that she would remind me that I said I didn’t care as it was only small when the scales show me losing nothing! I could not have gone out and buy the hot chocolate (extra hot with almond milk) but I did.

The trouble with having a bad week is the feeling of letting myself down after enjoying the sugar dumped into my body for the few seconds or minutes it takes to eat or drink the unhealthy choices. It also means only seeing a 1 lb difference on the scale.

I really need to make conscious healthy food choices for the next 5 weeks! This is the time I have left for meeting the target I set myself. Oh dear God! My discipline totally went for a run and left me.

Oh man. I am totally disappointed. 😔 I need a right slap upside the head and kick where the sun does not shine. Crikey, I am giving myself a right lashing at the moment.  I  cannot even blame having no support. As you can tell, my peeps care!  So now?  I also  feel like I am letting friends down too.

OK. OK. OK..I am shaking off this week and refocusing (channelling Rocky Balboa). I kind of caught up to my discipline that took a hike this week.

I am making the change right now!

2 thoughts on “Bad food week

  1. Good on you Karen and well done for recognising you are not a tree!

    I know you are strong, but it is a tough time at work. It affects us sub-consciously no matter how tough we are. No wonder your diet took a hit, mine did too! (3 x chocolate cake slices every day!)

    New week, new energy.

    Lots of love xxxx

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