My week in exercise

Sooooooo, enough about food, right?  After all, the saying goes ‘80% food and 20% exercise.  My posts so far have mostly been about food (greedy foodie that I am). Yes! I love to eat. I do exercise.  Promise! A friend, who is now starting her own weight loss/get fit journey, asked me what I normally do in the gym.  To give a full picture, I waited until the end of the week for my full workout week to be completed.  I have to say I think I have it arse ways round at the moment with 80% exercise and 20% food!  Anyoooh….. I logged my sessions daily so I did not forget. This is my typical week in and out of the gym (I am not good at taking selfies and I think I would look like a right plonker doing it anyways, so photos of the equipment instead). 🏋

Monday 14 November:  I was up at crazy o’clock (4 am) and it was raining cats and dogs (so not the best weather)! My bags were packed from the night before so I only needed to get ready and catch my bus at 4:50 am.  Today is a PT session with Chris (this man can push me like no else can)……

  • Warming up was intervals on the treadmill (I only did 5 mins because I was kind of bored with running – usually 15 mins)
  • Pull ups (8 reps) / push ups (10 reps) = 1 set. Did 4 sets
  • The Tyre (my nemesis) – Push down & flip back up the gym / Jumping squats (15 reps) / Kettle bell swings (20/2 arms reps) = 1 set.  Did 4 sets
  • Weighted front lunges (up & down gym) /burpees (10 reps) = 1 set. Did 4 sets

The Nemesis

I was dying by the end of today’s session.  It was then on to stretching and getting ready for work.

Tuesday 15 November:  Numpet that I am, I still woke up at 4 am (because my body is now use to this time) even though I could have had a lie in.  I had the day off work and had all intentions of having a lazy day.  Did I have a lazy day?  Nope!!  I am finding that I need to move. Sleep woman! Sleep!  (Trust me, I was yelling at myself). My living room and the outdoors were my gym for the day…..

  • Hip Hop Abs – Fat burning cardio (30 mins)
  • T25 – Speed 1.0 (well it is in the name – 25 mins)
  • Hip Hop Abs – Ab Sculpt (25 mins)
  • A nice walk along the Thames for 2 hours (leisurely)
Love a bit of Sean T!

Wednesday 16 November:  I was back in the gym.  As I have set myself the mad target of 28 lbs weight loss by Christmas, I do work really hard in the gym with or without a trainer. Today’s session was all me……

  • 45 mins on the spin bike (to Soca music and at varying intensity levels)
  • Vipr-20 kg (10 reps) / kettle bell swings-16 kg (10 reps) / Slam Ball-10 kg (10 reps) = 1 set.  Did 4 sets
  • Low Chest pull-12.5 kg each arm (10 reps) / mountain climbers (40 reps) = 1 set. Did 4 sets
  • High Chest pull down-12.5 kg each arm (10 reps) / Burpee and front kick (10 reps) = 1 set.  Did 4 sets.

This morning was an hour and half. Yikes!  I am totally knackered but loving it.  Today was hard for me on the snack front.  I seriously felt like I wanted to eat all day. 😯

Thursday 17 November:  Grooooooan! Swear like a sailor! I did not want to get up this morning after very little sleep last night.  My mistake was falling asleep on the sofa before my shower last night. Anyway, I am up at my usual 4 am and I am dragging my feet – literally! My session today……

  • 15 mins on the treadmill (intervals – 20 sec sprint/40 sec rest)
  • The Tyre (my nemesis) – Push down/flip back/lift and carry/ 10 dead lifts (with tyre) = 1 set. Did 3 sets
  • 10 Burpees & Front kicks/30 mountain climbers/20 hop & uppercuts = 1 set. Did 2 sets
  • 45 mins on watt bike (The Pack in Cycle Class) – Amawzing!
Cycle Studio

Tonight was netball night! I really, really need to sleep. Give me strength.

Friday 18 November:  Last day of the 4 am wake up for the week.  Woohoo! Nutter that I am, I still went to the gym this morning even though I had the day off. I had another session with Chris who I forced to be my photo-videographer (thought I should show me tackling my nemesis). 😂

  • 15 mins on the treadmill (intervals – 20 sec sprint/40 sec rest)
  • The Tyre (my nemesis) – Push down/ flip back /Slams (10 reps) / Kettle bell swings (10/2 arms reps) / Burpees (10 reps) = 1 set.  Did 3 sets
  • Pull ups (8 reps) / push ups (10 reps) = 1 set. Did 3 sets
  • Abs for 5 mins

The set with my nemesis was so hard! I have no idea how I got through that session. Chris was particularly hard with me today after I made the mistake of telling him about my bad food week! 😭

Trust me when I say I was so done. I. WAS. SOOOOO. DONE! My poor legs. Thanks to the asthma specialist I can now breathe, so at least I only need to worry about the limbs. Can you imagine what I would be like if I was still trying to cough my lungs up? I would not be standing for sure.

I then had a rather lazy rest of the day. I was so knackered that I kept falling asleep!

Saturday 19 November: My eyes opened at 3:45 am. My body has obviously not gotten the memo that today was not a 4 am day! I did stay in bed until 6 am though watching a Christmas movie (Home Alone 3).  I have things to do and places to go and want to get my workout in, so up I get .  One thing I am looking forward to after all this workout and weight loss?  The body part that finally wins the competition – Butt or Tum!

This is how I got my workout on today……

  • Hip Hop Abs – Fat burning cardio (30 mins)
  • T25 – Cardio (still in the name – 25 mins)
  • A nice walk along the Thames. The last mile became a sprint interval (sprint 20 secs/walk 50 secs)

Today is laundry and cleaning day. I could have done all this yesterday but, after my workout, I could not be asked to move too far from my sofa unless it was to get under the duvet. Nice.

Sunday 20 November: Again with the early morning wake up! 😭 Come on body, is 6 am not early enough for you on the weekend? It is also raining like mad outside. The plan was to do very little but I deviated a tad……

  • I did a slow 10K run this morning (it was actually nice running in the rain)
  • T25 – Stretch (still in the name – I know. The joke is getting old – 25 mins)

Once I was finished,  I had scrambled eggs with a large tomato for breakfast and then ironed for the week.

I met with a friend in Central London for a visit to the Sky Garden and lunch today. I don’t think I have ever seen my train station so empty! It was eerie.  Also, the service today was so damn poor!  They did not have the usual Sunday service at all.  Trains were running every 20 mins.  I had such a lovely time.

As I only have 5 weeks left to meet my challenge, I know I have to push more in the gym and have nothing but good food passing through these lips of mine from now on.

I have so much to do!😭 Bring it on Mind! Bring it! I sound like a nutter talking to myself, but …… C’est la vie!

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