Buffet lunch choices

I was at a training course yesterday and had to (well, I just didn’t want to have to go out to buy lunch) face the dreaded buffet lunch. The vegetarian option was a lovely dish with Gnocchi (I love a good Gnocchi dish) but covered in a creamy sauce.  The leafy veggies had cheese and dressing, dessert was either fresh fruits, some sort of mouse (I turned a blind eye) and a cheese selection (the other eye went blind here).  There were fish and beef options too.  I ended up eating a plate of fish with a side of broccoli. I actually tried a rollmops for the first time (some sort of pickled mackerel dish).  Interesting taste but the jury is still out on whether I liked it enough to try it again. Desert was a small plate of fruits.

After a late night out (went to the Jazz Cafe), I struggled to get up this morning.  I mentally had to push myself to get up and go to the gym.  You will be delighted to hear that I made it!  Breakfast today was a Green Goddess juice from Crussh.  I had half of a very large papaya mid-morning too!

Today is a weigh-in day!  Wish me luck.  This is me this morning getting ready to go to the gym. Forgive me for the bad selfie! I’ll find a way to get some lovely pics without resorting to the mirror.

I’ll update you all on my progress this week!

Until my next blog……..




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