Christmas Target

This may be total madness (I do like to push myself), but I have set a 2 stone (28 lbs) weight loss target as a Christmas present to myself. Yikes!! It would be great to lose more too. I told Chris (my trainer) this morning and we were going through the food choices I have to make in order to achieve my target.

I was totally horrified to hear that I can’t have plantain! Does he not know how much I love plantain. Silver lining? I can still chow down on some sweet potatoes. Phew! 

I am attending a training course today – Understanding ModernGov: Comprehensive Public Sector Training – I know! You do not have to say anything.

I just arrived and wanted to get something light and healthy to eat. Oh dear! There is nothing for me to eat! Pastries gallore (picture my sad face here). So, I am having a cup of earl grey.

There were some oaty bits but I can’t have diary. Let’s hope I fare better at lunch. Luckily, I had a couple of boiled eggs after my morning workout. 

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