Making the right choices

As I do not usually eat before exercising in the mornings (I work out at 6 am which means leaving home by 4:40 am), I tend to prepare breakfast and lunch the night before and pack them in my gym bag.  I do this to prevent me stopping at one of the very many food establishments in London (…and there are many) and, not only spend way too much money, but make the wrong choices too (easy enough to do).

On this particular morning, I had not followed my normal routine so had to buy my breakfast (after all, one must eat). While walking on Oxford Street, I found a number options.  Not only do you see McDonald’s, but there was also a Pret A Manger among others.  All you need to do is enter Bond Street Tube Station.

To my delight, there was also a juice bar stand……

Amazing Juice Stand……

…a fruit stand where, to my absolute pleasure  I found Custard Apples!  This just brought back some great memories of growing up in Jamaica and having so many varieties of fruits readily available from the tree.


Not too far away, there was a Crepe stand.  Yummy!  All I could see was the Nutella Jars (double yummy!).  In the back of my head though I remembered the question my trainer asked me when I told him I loved Nutella.  Karen, do you know who eats Nutella?  The answer he gave – BODYBUILDERS! So, I had to begrudgingly give up Nutella in my pursuit of health and fitness. Boohoo….


My Choice?  I bought 2 large custard apples and a green juice.  Yeah me!  I have now set myself a target of losing 2 stones by Christmas, so had to give the Crepes a miss, sadly.

wp-1476635825693.jpg Me on the train with my green juice after the gym!

A lovely juice it was too.

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